Detailed Directions

Our map routes provide easy turn-by-turn directions to that exact place you are heading to without getting you lost. At your fingertips, you can quickly search maps, satellite images and get map driving directions. It’s fast and easy!

Live Traffic Updates

Tack! Avoid bumping into traffic by using the live traffic report to see busy roads related to your trip. See traffic situation and alternative directions. Avoid congested areas and plan your trip better.

Weather Reports

See live weather reports coupled with the most accurate driving directions. Get severe weather alerts for your current location as well as your destination’s. Monitor weather forecasts with only a single click!

Get Maps & Driving Directions


Once you have selected your route and asked Street Maps to route you will see that on the left hand side of your screen you have a step by step route to follow from start to finish. On the main section of the screen you have a map view. Depending on the length of your trip will depend on the zoom that your map starts out with. You can zoom in and out, though. There’s also street view which can let you check out your destination, but you can also drop the little yellow man (he’s located just above the zoom + - and you can grab him, drag him and drop him on any street to get a closer look) into tourist spots along the way to get a sneak preview of what you’ll be seeing on your travels.


It is so easy, all you need to do is type in your starting point and finishing point and enter them to get your route. You don’t need to be great with maps to read step by step instructions, whether you are the driver or the navigator you can both rest easy in just how simple these directions are to read and follow. You can print them out before your trip, or keep them handy on your phone or tablet to read them as you go.
Street Maps gives you turn by turn directions so that they are as simple to follow as possible.

Real Time

Street Maps will factor in real time traffic information, so if you can have it on your mobile or tablet then you’re in a better position to get the best possible routes, as it will help you avoid any traffic jams as you travel. This feature is especially handy if you’re looking for routes to work that can avoid heavy traffic congestion. Or, if you live in a heavy traffic city and you’re looking for an optimum route. Street Maps simply cannot be beat, by offering you accurate, easy to read maps that are fully up to date and real time traffic information that will help you avoid pesky congestion sites. You’re just a click away from a weather update, too.

Get the Best and Most Accurate Driving Directions on the Web

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